Contract Supply Clients

The purpose of drs4drs is to achieve the lowest possible price on the supplies utilized in healthcare......and then sell and ship these supplies through modern, innovative, cutting-edge supply-buying systems.

  • We are the Nordstrom and Disney of the medical world ­ our customer service is unrivaled. We are GRATEFUL for our clients and their business and we work to demonstrate that gratitude each day in each encounter.

  • We sit on YOUR side of the table…instead of selling you things at the highest possible markup, we go out in the marketplace and aggressively pursue the best possible prices and then we share them with all our clients.

  • When we increase volume and achieve a better price point, we LOWER prices to our clients. More than half our products have not had a price increase in over 5 years, yet we have LOWERED prices each year on 25% of products.

  • We provide clients with cutting edge shopping portals that are simple, intuitive, easy……no ads, no jumbled chaos.

  • We serve as the ONE contact/vendor partner for everything.

  • We provide ONE drs4drs account manager to each client who handles all needs.

  • We "white glove" any research you need……if you’re contemplating a new autoclave or printer or treatment chair or want to know more about the new gloves or drugs on the market……our top flight crew pulls together information on various brands and types and models and presents it quickly in an easy-to-compare manner and guides you through the decision process. YOU don’t have to take time from your own work to figure out what options are out there and what might be best.

  • 99.5% of all orders arrive next day with no shipping costs (only large “freight” items such as furniture or equipment have shipping costs).

  • We analyze your ordering levels and help you understand and determine proper and lowest possible inventory levels.