Contract Supply Clients

Beginning Q4 of 2008, drs4drs leverages our doctors’ unity to benefit all doctors in purchases for their practices - all specialties, all locations, regardless of practice size. Join our Group Purchasing Organization and let our collective spending influence pricing and behavior in the marketplace.

Average discounts on items ranging from x-ray film to office supplies and medical supplies will be TEN to THIRTY PERCENT! Every doctor that joins in to buy with us helps that percentage grow larger and larger up to our goal of GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICING the moment we have enough KAHUNAS buying.

drs4drs simply negotiates as a single customer on behalf of all its participating doctors, unifying us into a powerful purchasing group to achieve new levels of pricing as readily available to the solo practitioner or small group as they are to large groups.

There are other group purchasing organizations available to you but most practices are not sizeable enough to achieve top tier discounts. Because drs4drs represents thousands of doctors and thousands of purchases, we achieve top tier discounts FOR you because you’re part of a large, unified group.

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