Contract Supply Clients

Because of regulatory requirements, availability of this product will initially be for doctors residing and practicing in the state of Alabama. Other states will follow SOON.

In keeping with our passion to support the overall business success of physicians, we offer platinum level investment services (TO SELECT AREAS due to regulatory requirements). In conjunction with Welch Hornsby & Welch, Inc. – one of the largest independent, fee-only investment advisors in Alabama - we have designed a solution to assist our physicians with the time-consuming task of managing investment assets. NOW, our physicians can access a level of service through drs4drs that many of them would not be able to access based on individual personal net worth alone. But by uniting large numbers of physicians…these types of excellent services become available to them as individuals.

We can identify with those of you who have found limited time to commit to the long-term planning and management of personal finances. It seems to be easy to “put off” this critical endeavor. But it is of the utmost importance if physicians want to reduce their workload as they move through their careers and retire with a bright and stable future.

Like all of our products and services, this one has been designed to be unrivaled and to be VERY SPECIFIC in its physician focus and orientation. Our client physicians will be teamed with trusted financial advisors with a proven track record of integrity and excellence in their field.

Through drs4drs, our ALABAMA physicians will receive the following free of charge:

  • Free review of current financial picture.

  • Free review of current investment allocation.

  • Free review of current account structure (for example, Profit Sharing, IRAs, Taxable Accounts, etc.).

At the conclusion of these FREE services, if clients decide to proceed with the investment program, they will receive the following:

  • A customized proposal for investment advisory services from Welch Hornsby & Welch including a comprehensive review of an overall investment picture, identification of current financial goals and an initial cash flow analysis designed specifically to address individual near and long term financial goals.

  • Investment review and prospective allocation changes designed to minimize cost and align investment portfolios with long term goals.

  • Quarterly investment reviews with a dedicated investment advisor.

  • Coordination with attorneys and tax advisors (estate planning, tax issues, etc.), or referrals to experienced professionals in these areas when necessary.

  • Fee-only structure, which appropriately aligns Welch Hornsby & Welch interests with those of the client.

  • An advisor familiar with and respectful of the unique needs of doctors.

drs4drs utilizes Welch Hornsby & Welch for its personal investment advisory services. Through this investment program – offered in addition to our other services, not in combination with our other services - drs4drs will receive percentages of fees collected by Welch Hornsby & Welch. The fees charged by Welch Hornsby & Welch are not higher than they would be for a non-drs4drs client so the percentages paid to drs4drs by Welch Hornsby & Welch have no impact on the level of fees charged to you.

A more detailed disclosure statement is available upon request.

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