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drs4drs helps physicians provide patients the most rapid diagnosis possible through in-practice ancillaries including general ultrasounds, vascular studies, echocardiograms, nerve conduction studies, nuclear stress testing, vestibular balance testing, vestibular rehabilitation and more.

We engage the services of one of the largest and most prestigious healthcare regulatory law firms in the nation and have developed our ancillary services model to operate in complete compliance with Stark law and regulations. (If you have specific concerns, contact us and we'll give you the details or we'll facilitate a conversation with our counsel directly.)

Performing diagnostics in-practice rather than referring patients out to imaging centers or hospitals:

  • Allows the diagnosis and treatment of patients to be expedited

  • Gives the physician greater control over the care of their patients.

  • Provides MAXIMUM convenience for the patients.

  • Generates a new revenue stream to make the practice financially healthier.

Getting started is simple! We assess your testing frequency needs, establish a schedule and provide all necessary paperwork and forms. Then we train your staff in the simple processes required for testing.

NINETY-FIVE percent of the workflow is handled by drs4drs! The physician signs an order, the nurse gives the patient a prep sheet, front office staff puts the patient on the schedule and then faxes drs4drs the order and insurance information – WE DO THE REST!

  • We perform insurance verification, precertification and/or preauthorizations.

  • We make ALL patient reminder calls.

  • We perform regular EOB audits to ensure you are receiving maximum and proper reimbursement.

  • We provide claims management on any underpaid or unpaid claims.

  • We provide medical documentation/medical necessity reviews.

Completed tests are interpreted on our internal PACS (teleradiology) system by our board certified specialists and their reports are available to you on our server within 24-36 hours of testing. (Interpreting physicians are also available by phone to the ordering physician).

Why send patients OUT for diagnostics when testing can be performed in-practice with the same or greater quality as imaging centers or hospitals and results obtained in 24-36 hours?

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