Contract Supply Clients

drs4drs is a physician-owned company that provides innovative supply purchasing services to multi-location, private-practice groups as well as medical / healthcare entities such as imaging, therapy, diagnostics centers and more.

We bring the most cutting-edge technological aspects of e-commerce and online shopping to the healthcare world and use them to sell and ship supplies to our clients via specialized e-commerce portals where clients have one-stop shopping……medical, lab, x-ray, pharma, office, computers, tablets, printers, scanners, DME, equipment, furniture……practically anything a medical practice uses.

And these specialized on-line shopping portals give owners and managers utter control over all spending……who, how much, when and where. Then, with the information resulting from one-stop shopping, we provide in-depth, sophisticated reports and analyses about spending patterns and trends in order to find new ways to diminish inventory, manage buying processes and lower costs.