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The mission of drs4drs is to unite doctors across the nation and empower them to regain control over their profession.  Organizations currently claiming to represent doctors are out of touch with the realities of practicing physicians or have an altogether different agenda than we do.  Let’s just own reality here……we’re in a lot of trouble unless we unite for a common cause...ourselves!  Together, we have power. 
drs4drs is our opportunity to have a collective voice while maintaining the individual autonomy that is so important to us in the practice of medicine for our patients – drs4drs gives us UNITY in a VIRTUAL environment on the web and then works for common purposes that benefit us all.  We can come together “virtually” and have power as a unified group, but not change what we do or how we do it within our practices.


By joining in and allowing drs4drs to negotiate and work on our behalf, we can impact EVERYTHING that has to do with us!  We can influence pricing of products and services we use, we can address important political and professional concerns, we can have a bold and important voice in the debates over healthcare issues……we can begin to control our profession again.

The word revolution implies a total and complete change in the status quo.  A new and better way of doing things for the good of everyone.  Such an opportunity comes about when like-minded people of vision and passion awake to the realization that true change is indeed possible.  Combine this with a tool as effective, fast, broad-reaching and powerful as the web...and revolution is unstoppable.
For doctors, uniting for our common good requires drastic changes in our way of thinking followed by tangible changes in our behavior.  UNITY and ACTION are the first steps to revolutionizing healthcare for doctors...and ultimately benefiting our society and the patients we care about.